The International Masonry Institute will be holding a ½ day Masonry Workshop focused on masonry construction for both new and existing buildings.   Topics will include seminars on Flashing and Moisture Control, Masonry Cleaning, and a hands-on demo related to Grout training for Structural Masonry Construction


Thursday, November 29, 2018

  7:30 am Registration
  8:00 am Flashing and Moisture Control
  9:00 am Protective Treatments and Masonry
10:00 am Grout training and Structural Masonry Construction
12:00 pm Depart


IMI Training Center 
2922 Sidco Drive
Nashville, TN 37204


While the seminar is free, registration (on the right) is required. 
Space is limited, please register by Monday, November 26, 2018.


Flashing and Moisture Control
Maria Viteri
International Masonry Institute
Director of Sustainability and Program Development

This course defines best practice for design and construction of moisture management systems for masonry cavity and veneer wall systems. Code requirements, system components, theory and workmanship are discussed. Attendees will learn basic moisture control strategies for masonry walls and will have the opportunity to review best practices for flashing details and critical building locations.

Protective Treatments and Masonry
Sarah Holder
Preservation Specialist

Over the last 80 years, there has been increased progression and advancement of water repellent and protective treatment technology. Water repellents and other protective treatments are often misunderstood. Water repellents are often specified and then subjected to scrutiny due to the mischaracterization of newer water repellent technology as that of the past. This presentation will provide the background for the evaluation, selection, and application of water repellents and protective treatments. Attendees will learn where penetrating, reactive water repellents fit into the array of treatments that are available on the market. Participants will also learn how water repellents were approached in the past and see examples of contemporary treatments. During this session, participants will learn how to evaluate, select, and gauge expectations for treating masonry buildings with water repellents.

Grouting and Reinforced Masonry Construction
David Donkin
International Masonry Training and Education Foundation
Certification Coordinator

This presentation will cover the basic grouting and reinforcement requirements for structural masonry. Considerations for correct grout and reinforcement placement, tolerances, grout cover, consolidation of grout and placement of anchor bolts are discussed. Inspection requirements for structural masonry are also presented.


Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, Owners, Facility Managers, Developers, BAC Signatory Contractors and BAC Members

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Continuing Education

Continuing_EducationThis program meets AIA/CES criteria for 4 LU/HSW learning unit, which will be reported directly to AIA.