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These hour-long webinars are intended for designers, facility managers, construction managers, BAC signatory contractors and BAC members.

All webinars will be held from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST. 

Upcoming Programs 

Approaching Repairs and Alterations to Historic Masonry Structures – Part 1: Understanding Original Construction Detailing and Function of Historic Masonry Structures
Roy Ingraffia
International Masonry Institute
Tuesday, December 6 | 1 LU/HSW

This presentation will provide an introduction to the various types of historic masonry materials and assemblages and offer insight into their original design and function.  A historical overview of building design will cover mass masonry construction, transitional masonry construction, and the evolution of cavity wall construction.  These masonry types will be compared and contrasted to contemporary masonry structures and high performing masonry enclosures.  In addition, focus will be paid to the material properties that comprise these masonry systems and understanding the types of problems that may lead to visible deterioration.  Insight will be presented on ways in which these original building materials interact over time and the proper methodology for selecting proper repairs.

The program will conclude with a discussion on the types of design and construction professionals that might be assembled to address the needs of a project.  The information presented will set the stage for Part 2 which will address the design challenges that might occur when making repairs or alterations to these masonry systems.  

Approaching Repairs and Alterations to Historic Masonry Structures – Part 2: Design Challenges Associated with Restoration & Retrofit of Historic Masonry Structures
Roy Ingraffia
International Masonry Institute
Tuesday, December 13 | 1 LU/HSW

 This presentation will include a discussion of strategies and challenges associated with the repair and alteration of existing historic masonry structures during programs of restoration and adaptive reuse.   This will include initial planning considerations such as desired long term durability, assessing the impact of proposed structural and architectural changes to the facade, energy efficiency of the exterior wall systems, and overall budgetary restrictions.

This will be followed by discussions of the most important design topics in the restoration of an historic masonry building, including, (1) considerations for handling water infiltration and condensation, (2) proper considerations for selection and installation of replacement window and door systems, (3) the critical importance of proper identification of existing distress and deterioration in the masonry wall systems, (5) assessing repair versus replacement of deteriorated or distressed units, including using natural stone and terra cotta, or artificial replacement materials, (6) addressing the very difficult issue of corrosion of shelf angles, individual unit anchors, and the structural frame of the building, and (6) assessing the structural integrity of existing deteriorated masonry walls and the importance of establishing and maintaining the integrity of the connections between those walls, and the roof and floor diaphragm systems. 


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Continuing Education

Each webinar meets AIA/CES criteria for 1 learning unit, which will be reported directly to AIA. Contractor members will receive 1 Contractor College learning unit for each webinar.