About the Series

These hour-long webinars are intended for designers, facility managers, construction managers, BAC signatory contractors and BAC members.

All webinars will be held from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST. 


While the webinars are free, registration (on right) is required.

Upcoming Programs 

July 11, 2017
Thinking Inside the Box-Masonry Partition Wall Design - 1 LU/HSW
Diane Throop, PE, FASTM, FTMS 
DT PE Consulting
 This seminar explores options for masonry partition wall design including the new 2016 TMS 402 and 2013 MSJC prescriptive partition wall requirements as well as instruction on using the new IMI Partition wall software with both live demonstration and audience participation.

The new software tool developed by IMI provides the opportunity to engineer masonry interior partitions with simple input but with results that come from a rigorous engineering analysis. The program offers options for:

• Unreinforced or Reinforced Concrete Masonry Units
• Unreinforced Clay Brick Units
• Compliance with IBC 2009 or IBC 2012 Allowable Stress Design provisions
• Three support conditions - Vertical, Horizontal and Cantilever
• Input of Vertical loads, Horizontal Uniform loads, Horizontal Concentrated loads
• Input for all Risk Categories as well as Egress Stairways
• Input for all seismic design categories.
Options can be changed and compared quickly, and easily, permitting the designer to optimize the wall system in minutes.

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Continuing Education

Each webinar meets AIA/CES criteria for 1 HSW learning unit, which will be reported directly to AIA. Contractor members will receive 1 Contractor College learning unit for each webinar.