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Seminar Series - Now All Virtual

Join us for our local seminar series to earn up to 6 LU/HSW credits. These programs feature discussions on the latest design and detailing of masonry and its building science, evolution, methods, codes, and standards. 

12 -1 p.m. | VIRTUAL Seminar

While the seminar is free, registration is required. The deadline for registration is the Monday before the program's date.

Program Dates & Descriptions
You'll earn 1 LUs/HSWs per session.


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September 29, 2022
Designing and Detailing Durable Masonry Walls

Speaker: Casey A. Weisdock

Learn the latest industry recommendations for moisture, thermal, and movement control of masonry walls. We’ll review durable wall assemblies and their components, including both loadbearing and non-loadbearing options. You’ll get practical tips to make your building safe, resilient, leak-free, and airtight, with an optimal R-value. Walk away with the tools you need to design a high-performing masonry building.



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December 1, 2022
Restoring Existing and Historic Tile and Terrazzo

Casey A. Weisdock

Ceramic tile and cementitious terrazzo have served both decorative and functional purposes for centuries. These popular floor and wall finishes are not only aesthetic, but durable, resilient, easy to clean, and resistant to mold, bacteria, and chemicals. Learn about the manufacture, installation, performance, deterioration, and restoration and repair methods of these materials. Since floor and wall materials typically experience the most wear in a building, maintenance and repair can be different from traditional methods, therefore the emphasis of the discussion will be on long-lasting repair methodologies. Discussion of newer tile setting and finishing methods as well as the evolution of terrazzo material and current industry standards for installation will also be covered.


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January 26, 2023
Tips for Optimizing Structural Masonry

Speaker: Brian Trimble

Get a clearer understanding of the interrelationship between materials, architecture, engineering, and construction in masonry buildings. Seemingly simple decisions can dramatically affect the cost and schedule of a project. Understanding the various options for materials, design, and construction methods can help you create more cost-efficient structures. We’ll provide tips on how to use existing materials more effectively, discuss the effect of one selection on another, and provide insight on new materials.



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March 30, 2023
Flashing and Moisture Control

Speaker: Casey Weisdock

Moisture management is essential to protecting a building and its occupants from experiencing damage caused by excessive moisture accumulation. Building materials exposed to prolonged damp conditions can lead to mold, bacteria growth, steel corrosion, and failure of adhesives. Well-designed, properly installed masonry flashing systems are essential components of an overall moisture management strategy. Join us to learn best practices for flashing at critical locations like base of wall, sills, window heads, copings, and roof-to-wall interfaces. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of appropriate flashing materials, weeps, ventilation strategies, and drip edges to help you create an optimal design and installation.


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May 25, 2023
Masonry Cleaning Approach and Methodology

Casey Weisdock

Learn the parameters that surround and affect decisions on historic masonry surface treatment, including patina, soiling, weathering, cleaning, and matching - before and during the project. These include aligning the purposes of cleaning with expectations, who makes decisions and when, applicable standards, methods of specifying cleaning, developing a cleaning plan, and field considerations like sequence of work, environment conditions, protection, and field testing and mock-ups. We'll discuss currently available treatment including water, misting, detergents, chemical, biocides, poultice methods, micro-abrasive systems, mechanical hand tool methods, and laser. Walk away with an understanding of how to select the method(s) appropriate for your projects.



July 27, 2023

Masonry Movement Joints

Casey Weisdock

One of the most common questions IMI receives is how to locate masonry movement joints in concrete block walls and masonry veneers. Learn where and how to locate vertical and horizontal control joints and expansion joints. We’ll provide rules of thumb for block walls, masonry veneers comprised of different materials, and thick and thin masonry veneers over various substrates, like CMU, steel, and wood frame buildings.

IMI Director of Industry Development & Technical Services

IMI Director of Industry Development & Technical Services


For questions or more information, contact Casey Weisdock at or (267) 596-0180.