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Building the Next Generation of Contractors

Contractor Start Up class at Flynn Center May 2010
Contractor Start Up class at Flynn Center May 2010
There is always room for more good contractors. That’s why IMI and BAC have joined forces to help talented craftworkers take that next step, if they are so inclined.

Potential contractors gathering at The Flynn Center recently for the first round of IMI’s New Contractor Start Up Program were definitely motivated. They asked lots of questions and didn’t want to stop.

“We want you to be successful,” BAC President and IMI Co-Chair Jim Boland told them, “and IU and IMI resources can help you get there.” Having professional contractors enhances the union masonry industry by raising the bar, he noted.

Charlie Otto from Bruster, NY is a 3rd generation bricklayer who has run jobs and is ready for the next level. He knows there is plenty more to learn, especially on the financial end, but he appreciates the program for keeping him focused.

It’s helped Emery Robbins from Cape Cod see how much further he can go, even though he is grateful for the career path he found through BAC. “I’m really seeing that we have all the resources. In every aspect, from training to marketing, we have a professional there for us,” he says. And becoming a good contractor is the best way to give back, he thinks. “I believe my time is best going to be served here as a union contractor, and our goal should be to preserve our members.”

“I left that program knowing that I am a union contractor.”

IMI support for union contractors is an ongoing partnership. Between constantly updated Contractor College courses and plenty of upgrade and certification programs, motivated union contractors can keep on top of their game, and ready to compete with anyone.