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5 Potential Causes of Deterioration in Historic Masonry

Historic buildings can enhance a community’s character by their sheer aesthetic beauty, while also providing a tangible link to its cultural history. Whether from antiquity or more contemporary...


Internal Bracing of Masonry Walls

"Options, options, options!" is one of the best phrases to describe structural masonry. Internal bracing of masonry walls while they are being constructed is a perfect example of an option available...


IMI Develops New Internal Bracing Guide

Masonry under construction must be temporarily braced until the final lateral support system is in place. The importance of this bracing is paramount to the safety of both the general public and...


IMI Develops Manual to Expedite Structural Software Use

A New Structural Masonry Manual developed by the International Masonry Institute (IMI) – RAM Elements V8i for Masonry Analysis & Design – is now available. Click here to download a free copy of the...


Masonry Industry Seeks Greater BIM Integration

With the construction industry moving towards Building Information Modeling (BIM) as the preferred method of design and delivery, IMI is partnering with others in the industry to guarantee that...


Hybrid Masonry and Steel Structure Behavior Under Seismic Loading

IMI is part of the industry review committee for a research program on hybrid masonry and steel structural behavior under seismic loading, currently being tested at the University of Illinois Urbana...


IMI Structural Efforts on Target

Target Corporation has agreed to use the masonry structural software packages for their designs nationwide as a result of a joint outreach effort between the Minnesota Structural Masonry Coalition...


Indiana/Kentucky Structural Masonry Coalition Conducts Face-to-Face Meetings with Engineers

With the program up and running we foresee a great increase in the amount of structural masonry being built in Indiana and Kentucky. Two additional rounds of face-to-face meetings will target...


Structural Masonry Promotion and Craftworker Training in Central PA

Structural Masonry

The goal of the International Masonry Institute (IMI) is to create man hours for BAC members and signatory contractors. With that in mind, IMI in Central Pennsylvania recently...

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