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Designers and BAC Craftworkers Team Up to Imagine Community Health Centers at Masonry Camp

It’s a rare opportunity that designers and craftworkers get to come together to collaborate on a project. Masonry Camp turns that opportunity into reality.


The Masonry Camp Experience

As we look back on this year's Masonry Camp, the commitment and creativity of the participants stands out.  Asked to design a masonry museum, and then construct an element of that design, the campers...


Masonry Camp Gallery

Masonry Camp continued today with the campers moving into the studio to begin designing their projects.  The design-build challenge this year is a museum that celebrates the history of masonry and...


Masonry Camp Begins

Masonry Camp began yesterday with a presentation by Jeanne Gang, founding prinicipal of Studio Gang.  Jeanne has designed major projects throughout the United States and is a MacArthur Fellow, author...


Masonry Camp 2016

By Team IMI

The International Masonry Institute announces the 2016 Masonry Camp, taking place from September 6, 2016 to September 10, 2016 at the IMI National Training Center in Bowie, MD. The 2016...


Masonry Camp 2008

IMI Masonry Camp brings together BAC apprentices and young architects to experience the masonry crafts firsthand — brick and block, tile, terrazzo, stone, plaster, and restoration — and to understand...

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