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Educating Project Managers

Educating Project Managers

What do you get when you mix 35 Turner Construction Company Project Managers, a dozen union masonry experts, and a facility designed as a Masonry Learning Center?

In the words of one participant, A Project Manager’s Fantasy Camp!

Education is a big deal for Turner, and Vice President Dennis A. Delisle approached IMI about helping to educate project managers, particularly those starting their careers. The request? Help Turner understand ways to build better with masonry walls and floors.

“The training that this group of young engineers and construction managers went thru at the IMI training facility is a practical and efficient way to cut years off of the learning curve. IMI …should be the model by which all others are compared.”

That is what IMI is all about. We have just the place to do it, too: The Flynn Center’s 61,000-s.f. training facility in Maryland, where lifelong learning begins with pre-job apprentices and never stops.” Dennis A. Delisle, Vice President and Special Projects Division Operations Manager Turner Construction

The two-day custom program included:

* Masonry Details
* Restoration
* Hands on Bricklaying
* Green Masonry
* Structural Masonry Systems
* Codes and Standards

The results are in, and — as you can see from the testimonials — Turner’s project managers have a much better appreciation of masonry systems, as well as the union masonry professionals who install them.

A couple of days translates into a better working relationship with one of the largest construction managers [#3 on ENR’s 2007 Top 400 Contractors List], and more masonry construction.

Here is what some participants had to say:

“It will help me relate to everyone on a different level. I have a lot better understanding now.”

“I really appreciated the structural component, as well as the hands-on experience.
This was one of the most refreshing and educational training sessions I’ve been to.”

“It’s one thing to see something on a drawing or a spec, and it’s an entirely different thing to see it being constructed.”

“I will not take for granted the workmanship. They make it look so easy and it is not; we tried it.”