International Masonry Institute News

Faster, Cheaper and Better

It's human nature to want the best quality at the lowest price. That is certainly true in construction, where time is money.
The answer is to work smarter. While masonry has always been an attractive option, new structural design software for load bearing masonry or hybrid masonry/steel makes it more practical and affordable. The result is the superior solution of a good, solid wall, at a 10% cost savings over steel frame/stud wall construction.
With this approach, masonry walls can be constructed as fast as the frame can be erected. IMI training for both craftworkers and contractors provides the quality. Specific training programs, like Grout Certification, enhance any QA program.
Aesthetically, hybrid design shows how even more daylighting is possible than other structural solutions. Combining block and steel frame allows for larger windows, while adding masonry's advantages like sustainability and durability.
Beyond the software, IMI offers seminars and consultations to help people really understand hybrid masonry/steel structures and the "whole building" approach to load bearing masonry.
Sometimes, it really is possible to have it all.