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Quality Assurance: Bring It On

Today's buyer's market for construction services is not such a bad thing, as customers demand more quality assurance and lower operating costs.

We say, "Bring it on."

Quality and value are intrinsic to everything we do here, from craft training to design assistance. What's more, we saw the QA trend coming years ago, and developed a whole menu of craft certifications and upgrade training options that make our craftworkers more valuable, and more employable.

Since subcontractors are a key part of any QA equation, those who take advantage of IMI continuing education offerings, like Contractor College, say it helps them stand out, too.

"It increases our employees' proficiency, which in turns provides us a competitive edge in the market," says Evan Sutton, Director of Masonry for Hagerman Construction Corp. in Indianapolis.

Contractors also appreciate having IMI on the lookout for new products and applications that can help them meet buyers' demands for greater building performance.

No longer considered "extras," these programs are becoming their own credentials, driven by the trend toward more quality-related specs.* That means contractors have to have a real understanding, not just a quickie certificate.

That's particularly true with sustainability. Design firms already require LEED expertise, and construction professionals are next. Fortunately, IMI's Sustainable Masonry Certification Program is already on the case.

Consumer demand can be a good thing... especially when you know how to meet it.

*Designers are using IMI certifications to put quality right in their specs.

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