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Air Barriers Open Doors

Building designers and owners are paying a lot of attention to air barriers, given their potential to save energy and money and increase building envelope performance.

A big part of performance is proper installation, which is why IMI is taking the lead on educating craftworkers and contractors, and letting designers know whom they can partner with.

In New York City, we've been hosting a series of air barrier familiarization classes that help make everyone comfortable with the technology, especially when it's in the hands of trained craftworkers.

We've already given hands-on tutorials to scores of BAC contractors and members. On September 8, we do it for 200 employees of the New York City School Construction Authority, which now requires air barriers. We continue to reach out to other agencies as well.

Air barriers are showing up in new construction and renovations because they offer the potential of 10-40% cost savings by controlling condensation and eliminating the unwanted mixing of interior and exterior air.

Is it really that easy to save money, while being sustainable? Yes, especially with masonry. IMI shows how. Check out the Calendar for upcoming Air Barrier sessions, or contact us.

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