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Building on GREENBUILD

NMAIWe just got back from GREENBUILD, the U.S. Green Building Council's international conference and expo, which drew an estimated 30,000 people, including a richer mix of architects, building owners and contractors.

The Next Big Topic appears to be the building envelope. Masonry is in a good position to contribute to the discussion. Performance of masonry envelopes has empirically stood up well, and continues to prove its worth.

It became clear to us that people appreciate the value of an energy-efficient envelope. And it seems to be increasingly driven by owners, leading the search for green solutions, materials and applications.

Green AdWe were also encouraged to hear that people are finding the IMI LEED Checklist effective. USGBC representatives told us that, along with its flexibility and user-friendliness, they feel it truly meets the spirit of the goals for LEED new construction.

It was heartening to meet a wider variety of people this year and in particular to talk with owners who are ramping up their commitment. We are going to work with many of them to show how masonry can be a valuable part of their LEED strategies.

We are also excited to be part of the ongoing conversation on the building envelope.

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