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As technical experts in the masonry industry, we see a lot of the same questions and situations over and over. In addition to giving the answers, we strive to ensure professional consistency throughout the union masonry industry. That's why we created the IMI TOOLKIT.

From fire safety to school design, efflorescence to wall wash lighting, the TOOLKIT has practical, how-to advice on all kinds of masonry topics.


The kit is divided into three basic sections.

IMI Explains tells more about IMI services and programs, like quality craft training.

Masonry Attributes offers background and tips on topics like sustainability and loadbearing solutions.

Contractor Tools can help contractors address immediate job-related issues, like chippage and grout testing.

Designers and contractors looking for answers about common masonry issues and applications can access the IMI TOOLKIT online [] or call 800-IMI-0988.

The name is no accident. We think the TOOLKIT materials make a useful addition to anyone's tool kit. If there is a topic you would like to see added, just let us know.