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Designing with Tile: A Partnership for Success

Architectural Innovations

Architects have a long tradition of integrating new construction materials and technologies into their designs, as well as using traditional materials in new and...


Cold Weather Masonry Construction

Successful cold weather masonry construction requires knowledge of code requirements, workforce and planning capabilities, along with the capacity to be flexible and innovative. Building codes...


2016 Instructor Certification Program



The International Masonry Training and Education Foundation, which is funded by the International Masonry Institute, recently concluded its annual Instructor Certification Program (ICP) with...


Teach the Teacher: Instructor Certification Program prepares union instructors

Robert Arnold is the National Director of Apprenticeship and Training at The International Masonry Training and Education Foundation (IMTEF) and has worked in masonry since 1978. He agreed to...


Lighting Sources and Masonry Effects

Look closely at these two pictures. One photo appears to show a very smooth and well-built wall. The other photo shows a wall with a lot of unsightly imperfections. But the truth is that the...


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