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Ahead of the AAC Curve

Jumping in on a new product takes a good bit of courage, no matter what the economic climate. Still, some masonry contractors find that their best hope for survival is to keep open to new opportunities. That’s where IMI helps.

Take AAC - aerated autoclaved concrete. It’s one of several promising products where IMI partners with manufacturers to test-drive, and provide quality training. IMI offers a key link between manufacturer and qualified contractors to expand opportunities for both.

Designers and contractors also want to know that there is an affordable and reliable pipeline. This week, we arranged for them to get a state-of-the-art briefing on the product, at IMI’s AAC Workshop in Minneapolis.

The 100+ attendees - architects, engineers, developers and building inspectors - proved that the appetite for new products is there. And they left knowing that IMI can help them tap into new opportunities.

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