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COVERINGS – THE Tile and Stone Industry’s BIG DANCE

March Madness is here and anyone interested in the world of tile and stone recently went to the “big dance” at Coverings 2011 in Las Vegas.

This year’s big winner was green certification. As noted in the IMI seminar presented at Coverings, Maximizing Solutions for Tile, Stone and Terrazzo, being green isn’t just about counting recycled content, it’s about building performance that meets the sustainable goals and objectives clearly defined by leading sustainability designers and experts. IMI’s presentation shows the connection between contractor skills, performance and how the contractor’s understanding of sustainable compliance aides in allowing material solutions to achieve their maximum capabilities. This is the very reason IMI launched its Sustainable Masonry Certification Program (SMCP) in 2009 – the only high level USGBC/GBCI contractor certification program designed specifically for the masonry industry.

Architects attending the IMI presentation at Coverings were able to view the SMCP logo with a list of the IMI tile, stone and terrazzo contractors certified in sustainable and LEED project practices. 2011 will also see tile and stone manufacturers moving towards certification programs that provide a better understanding of what is truly important in the world of tile and stone and IMI’s 200 Sustainable Masonry Certified Contractors welcome the industry’s move to recognize the importance of this effort.

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