International Masonry Institute News

Educating Tile Consumers in the Old & New

Protecting an investment is more important than ever in today's economy. That's why IMI helps consumers recognize the difference that quality offers, through events like the recent Coverings show, which included the well-attended IMI booth and seminars.


At last week's show, where some 37,000 distributors, contractors, specifiers, designers, builders and developers gathered for the latest news, IMI seminars offered insight on ways to improve traditional applications, while also preparing for new markets.

At our Concrete/Substrate Tolerances seminar, IMI demonstrated that improved communication between concrete and tile contractors will lead to better performance. Specifiers welcomed the advice, and contractors appreciated the "real world" perspective that helps them get a quality job.

The Tile Facades seminar helped people get comfortable with new rain screen walls (shown above), including specifics like anchoring details and code issues. Designers feel better specifying it, especially when seeing how BAC contractors are uniquely positioned to do the work, and how IMI helps them. Upcoming standards will raise comfort levels even more.

Visitors to the IMI booth also appreciated the IMI LEED Checklist, with many telling us it was the best "how to" handout at Coverings.

But, as usual, the biggest draw was IMI training. Whether it's traditional tile or tomorrow's products, this audience knows that quality training translates into quality installations. As one attendee put it,

"No one else does it like IMI."