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ACE Visitors See Wider Career Path

Board members and mentors from the Greater Washington, DC chapter of the ACE Mentor Program visited The Flynn Center last week. Representing the full spectrum of ACE professionals - architects, construction managers, engineers, and high school and university instructors - the volunteer group works to introduce high school students to possible careers in architecture, construction and engineering. Collaborating on projects also shows the students the role each profession plays in the process.

Yesterday's group got a clearer picture of the contribution made by skilled craftworkers, and the investment they and their contractors make in quality construction. It's an investment that rivals many white collar jobs in terms of training, professional dedication and job satisfaction.

That's a particularly timely message. As the economy alters many college plans, educators and parents are getting more realistic about career choices. As one mentor put it, "Not everybody is going to go to college."

That makes ACE's work even more timely, notes Affiliate President Chris Reseigh from Parsons Brinckerhoff. "ACE is serving a great need. You can have a very rewarding and satisfying career in the building industry."

“There are all sorts of choices.”

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