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IMI Masonry Inspection Checklist

We've created a checklist with a compilation of commonly referenced masonry code citations and industry recommendations.  It's purpose is to help designers, inspectors, builders and mason...


BIM for Masonry Announces Wall Systems Library

On behalf of the Building Information for Masonry Initiative (BIM-M), the International Masonry Institute (IMI) is currently completing a comprehensive Wall Systems Library (WSL) using SketchUp...


The Masonry Camp Experience

As we look back on this year's Masonry Camp, the commitment and creativity of the participants stands out.  Asked to design a masonry museum, and then construct an element of that design, the...



In my role as director of technical service with International Masonry Institute (IMI), I am often asked by Chicago architects “Do today’s plasterers have the same skills as those from 100 years...


Masonry Camp Gallery

Masonry Camp continued today with the campers moving into the studio to begin designing their projects.  The design-build challenge this year is a museum that celebrates the history of masonry and...


Masonry Camp Begins

Masonry Camp began yesterday with a presentation by Jeanne Gang, founding prinicipal of Studio Gang.  Jeanne has designed major projects throughout the United States and is a MacArthur Fellow,...


Masonry Camp 2016

By Team IMI

The International Masonry Institute announces the 2016 Masonry Camp, taking place from September 6, 2016 to September 10, 2016 at the IMI National Training Center in Bowie, MD. The...


Masonry Education - Setting the Right Foundation

By Team IMI

This article was first published in BAC Journal

If educating professional architects and engineers about masonry and the value of BAC craftworkers and contractors is important, it is...


Aesthetics versus function: Resolving issues with exposed drip-edge flashing on masonry walls

By Richard Filloramo, B.S. Arch, A.S. CT, AIA

This article was first published in The Contrustion Specifier magazine. 

Designers are creating new and exciting contemporary masonry designs that...


Ventilated Masonry Cavity Walls

By Pat Conway, AIA

As designers and building owners place increased demands on exterior walls to isolate the outside climate from the interior controlled environment, exterior walls’ capability to...


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